"I ordered the lavender baby wash and lotion for my newborn and so glad I did. He started to develop cradle crap and eczema so I used the lotion and honestly by the next day it was gone!! He has very sensitive skin and the baby wash is amazing!! Thank you Annie for coming out with theses great and trustworthy products."     - Ilma Dudley, Ma

"After my daughter was born, I set out on a mission to switch to an all natural deodorant because i didn't feel comfortable smearing all those nasty chemicals so close to where my baby was breast feeding. I tried multiple products and stank to high heaven because nothing was working. I found Organnies deodorant at Tip Top Country Store in brookfield Ma. It is the only good, clean product that actually worked!"  - Heather Brookfield, Ma

"Organnies has been one of the best organic alternative brands I have ever used. Being categorized in the younger generation category of the world, I have been exposed to multiple brands, organic and non organic. Because of social media adds and suggestions I have used brands that have suggested they were 100% organic but due to further research I had found out otherwise. When bragging about this brand I have caught the interest of my older friends and family who have been going through body changes due to age. They have fallen in love with this organic line and have raved and asked for me to help them acquire more. Organnies products are exactly what they say they are and have helped myself and many of my friends take ahold of their lives with a daily routine that works for them. Not only is it amazing to be able to use products that actually work for people of all ages, it is incredible to be able to understand what is in the products you are using as well. I highly recommend Organnies line of organic products because they are made with the best ingredients by someone who understands the necessities of staying healthy, smelling great, and feeling beautiful. Thank you very much Organnies!!!" - Sammi W. Hudson, Ma


"I have been looking for a safe sunblock to use on vacation and luckily I met Annie who introduced me to hers! I was able to fly with the bottle because it was a TSA approved size and the sunblock worked perfectly! I have a scar from a skin cancer and some sun spots that I like to take extra precaution with and this product from Organnie's was phenomenal. I expected it to be thick like the other zinc oxide formulas I have used and to my surprise it went on without leaving me looking like a ghost. Thank you Organnie's! I can't wait to try more of your products." -Laura S. Palmer, Ma


Let me just say that I'm 27 and have accepted that i'm going to be a smelly person. I've always have had under arm bo. It was even so and that i thought using organic would be worse for me. Because I thought I needed those extra chemical to help me! Omg i tried Organnies deodorant and I'm never going back. I used to reapply  time or two throughout the day!! Since I have stratred usimg Organnie's deodorant I have no smell. i mean none!! even at teh end of the day!! No smell. Even after a stressfull day, workout or even just waking up in the morning. Im in shock and truly disbelief. So happy I gave it a try. Will no longer use anything else!!! Thank you Organnie's for helping me not be the smelly girl anymore." - Cherie C. Barre, Ma

"I have to tell you how much I love the sage spray. Like, I crave it. This s*** is like crack to an addict.  Lol You are amazing!!!"  - Leslie Spencer, Ma


"Thank you so much for my goody bag of Organnie's!!! They all smell amazing and yesterday was my first full day at work without getting sick thanks to your little bottles of magic!!"

- Cassie M. Oxford, Ma

"If you care about what you and your family are putting on your body whether it be perfume, bug spray r especially this time of year sunscreen; Organnie's is the one an only LOCAL companies who cares enough to produce organic non genetically modified or harmful products! Not only that but if you or someone you know has a specific thing you need topically fixed or help maintaining Annie can perosnalize juat about anything!" - Abbey Paxton, Ma

"5 star After years of getting my rollers made and shipped to me from across the county I randomly came across “organnies” while attending the Spencer Fair with my family. Well needless to say it’s a match made in heaven. I am so excited to have some of my favorite rollers replenished and to have found such good organic quality products made right in my own backyard." - Brooke  West Brookfield, Ma
"Love there’s products! Thanks you organnies!! I will be a customer for life." -Angela R. Spencer, Ma

"I met Annie at the craft fair in Spencer today. I will definitely buy more products from her. Amazing woman and story! The headache oil works great!" - Jennifer W. Spencer, Ma

"Yummy elderberry elixir, already starting to feel better. Love the lavender chamomile roller. Great quality. Excellent price. Even came out to meet me. Totally recommend Organnie’s!!!" -Sharon B. Webster, Ma

"I went to a local fair and ran into the Organnie's table. They had so many awesome products. The staff was so helpful and knowledgeable! I purchased the facial lotion and it's AMAZING. My face has never felt so soft and the aroma to die for! Thank you!!!! - Robin B. Worcester, Ma

"Exceptional organic all natural products. Her products for newborns and children are outstanding. Highly recommend!! -Nickolas F. Spencer, Ma


"I love my Harmonzing Sage Aura Smudge Roller!! Its absolutely beautiful and smells wonderful. From the second I hold it in my hands it is instant de-stress because of its beautiful display of amethyst stones and sage. Thank you Annie!" -Karina R. Spencer, Ma


"Organnie's is amazing. All the products I've tried do wonders! You can tell that there has been a lot of  time, love and knowledge put into them. I reccomend Organnie's to anyone who is looking to live a healthier life through organic products or anyone who has tried traditional methods of healing that have not worked. Give Organnies a try you wont be disappointed.


 "Great Service, Great Products, & great Price! Loved it!" - David J. Worcester, Ma

"I asked Organnie's to do a home party for me... I thought Annie had a sparkling personality from the first time I met her and I fell in love with her products immediately! I had the party yesterday. Annie did an amazing job! Everyone was totally impressed. She is witty, intelligent, sweet, professional.... I hope this is another venue that will thrive for you! Thank you Organnie's!!! Happy Valentine's Day Annie!" -Melanie S. East Brookfield , Ma

"I love it...I have always been a bit of a snob...used only EOS but my lips have been awful with it, I was frustrated and found yours in my basket next to my bed, put it on...After 24 hrs my lips are awesome. Now I'm in love true story." Leslie Spencer, Ma


All products are carefully handcrafted in small batches. Products are free from chemical preservatives, sulfates, parabens and artificial fragrances


In no event shall our company be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, special consequential damages, to property or life, whatsoever arising out of or connected with the use or misuse of our products. 


Please note that I am not a doctor and I cannot give medical advice, I can only offer opinions from my own experience with the products in my shop. Please use my products at your own personal choice and seek medical advice when needed. 


*Keep in a cool dry place. All products will melt above 76 degrees.
*Talk to your doctor before using essential oils while pregnant.
*Keep away from infants and toddlers for undiluted essential oils are very potent.
*Do not apply undiluted (neat) essential oils directly onto skin; dilute with a carrier oil first. (with the exception of a few oils like Lavender, etc -please do your research) 
*Discontinue if irritation occurs.
*Do not ingest essential oils.
*Keep essential oils out of eyes, ears, nose, mouth and any body opening. 

*Keep away from pets.


We take care to package orders carefully to avoid damages, but if you would like to add insurance on your package please let us know; insurance is available at an additional charge. 


Items that are listed as organic are made with organic ingredients. This does not mean that the finished product is certified as organic. I label my products as Organic since I use 100% Certified Organic Ingredients. This in no way implies that the finished product is certified organic from the USDA.


Due to the personal nature of our products, we cannot offer exchanges at this time for hygienic reasons. It is the responsibility of the customer to read all ingredients and to ensure they do not have an allergy to any of the ingredients used in our products. Should you be uncertain, please feel free to message me directly with questions, and consult with your primary care physician.


Refunds will be issued in the following circumstances:

1. Organnie's sent the incorrect product to a customer.
2. Organnie's omitted a product in a customer order that the customer paid for.


Refunds are not eligible for the following circumstances:

1. Product arrived damaged by shipping service.
2. Product was stolen after delivery to customers address.
3. Customer ordered the wrong product and would like to exchange it for a different product.
4. Customer placed the order with an incorrect address, and did not receive product because of this oversight. 
5. Product arrived melted (in the case of coconut oil based products).


Since all  products are handmade in small batches , there may be slight variations even within the same product. Products containing coconut oil may be soft when arriving during summer months, as is common with organic coconut oil. This is normal and natural and will not affect the quality of the product. Simply store at room temperature in a cool room, or in your refrigerator, to restore product to it's intended form.



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